How Flexxgenix was born…

How Flexxgenix was born…

How Flexxgenix was born…

I can’t beleive that its been over a year since we started Flexxgenix Ltd. So much has been happened looking back I can scaresly believe how much has changed. I always wanted to include a blog page to the website as a means of letting you know what was happening with flexxgenix Ltd and any new products. So I finally got around to writing a few lines to cover how flexxgenix was born as it seemed a sensible introduction to the company. I get so many questions about how it came about, the plans for our services and products that this Blog had to happen….so here goes….

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…….well no South East London actually and umm quite recently really.

I always had a burning desire to move away from working in the public sector, build a company from scratch, embrace all what the private sector has to offer and be successful.  With the opportunity on the horizon in 2017 the planning started.  A concept was developed to form a company providing customisation and personalisation services centred on laser engraving.  Everything would be ‘Made for You’.  At the end of 2019 we approached Trotec who supply laser engraving machines to make a decision on which machine we would require.  At the same time we decided to offer embroidery and acquired an embroidery machine.  We needed a company name and after much head scratching came up with Flexxgenix, to meet our clients needs we needed to be flexible and genius at meeting the demands of such a wide offering of services. This was how Flexxgenix was born and came alive…..

Framed Embroidery Art Decor

Very quickly we found our embroidery services in demand.  We were making framed décor art, badges, logos on clothing and martial arts belts. As our reputation grew so did the requests from customers for other types of personalised products such as mugs, clocks and awards. 

We stepped into the manufacture of printed products using sublimation printing.  This rapidly expanded the products we could offer and is a growing sector with more and more product blanks available – from T-Shirts to underpants, mugs to milk jugs.  We not only printed the personalised products but worked with the customer to develop their ideas into the necessary artwork vector drawing.

laser Cut HTV design using PU Vinyl

Around the same time we took possession of our Trotec ‘Speedy 360’ laser.  This workhorse soon became the go to machine to support our other business strands, cutting material to size for embroidery blanks, precision cutting the printed artworks needed for sublimation printing and cutting packaging.  We also found we were able to use it to cut intricate designs from vinyl for heat pressing onto garments.

Magnet Clamp combiation Set

Early 2021 saw us start to launch products for the scale modeller.  We started with a range of magnetic clamps, laser cut from acrylic sheet and supplied in a laser cut cardboard box.  We followed up with a series of diorama display boxes in differing styles and sizes.  Most recently we have designed and started to manufacture control panel boxes.  Flat pack supplied as are our dioramas they are precision cut from MDF by our Speedy machine.  True to our tagline is ‘Made for you’ and we soon found ourselves being asked to supply printed facemasks with personalised logos for both corporate and private customers.  Demand for our embroidery and printed products continues as we move through 2021.


What’s the future for Flexxgenix? Moving from strength to strength in what we are able to offer, expanding our product lines whilst consolidating our position with our established lines.