Control Panels

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Our range of Scale Model Control Panel Enclosures or mimic panels are made from either 4mm or 6mm thick MDF with 3mm laser plywood front panels. We have a range of pre-defined sizes but can make to specific dimensions if required (see below).  We supply the Scale Model Control Panel Enclosures flat packed for self assembly. Manufactured using precision Laser Cutting technology in our UK workshop they make a fanastic cost effective way for housing your switches, indicators and electrics.

What about taking your mimic panel up a notch?

Reverse Engraved Froint Panel
Reverse engraved Acrylic Front Panel Example

We also offer a range of customisation services – engraving designs and notation on the front panels or supplying a reverse engraved front panel for subsequent infill painting. Perhaps you have alternative idea/ design or specific  or critical enclosure dimensions such as a display cut out.

We can supply switches and indicators to equip your panel and this includes items from manufacturiers such as DCC Concepts and MERG etc.  Contact us before you buy your accessories as you may find our pricing competetive.

Just complete an enquiry form and a member of our design team will be in touch.

Need a Bespoke Quote?

A well-laid out and presented model railway mimic panel can improve enjoyment in several ways:

  1. Improved operation: A mimic panel allows the operator to see the layout of the railway and control the trains and accessories more easily. This makes the operation smoother and more efficient, reducing frustration and increasing enjoyment.
  2. Realism: A well-designed mimic panel can add to the realism of the layout. It can provide a visual representation of the track layout, signaling, and control systems used on a real railway. This helps to create an immersive experience for the operator and adds to the enjoyment of running trains.
  3. Clear communication: A mimic panel can also improve communication between operators. It can provide a clear visual representation of the layout, allowing operators to quickly and easily understand the status of the trains and control systems. This reduces confusion and misunderstandings, improving the overall experience for everyone involved.
  4. Aesthetic appeal: A well-designed mimic panel can add to the aesthetic appeal of the layout. It can be designed to match the style and era of the layout, adding to the overall visual appeal. This can enhance the enjoyment of the hobby, making it a more satisfying and rewarding experience for the operator.

Overall, a well-laid out and presented model railway mimic panel can greatly enhance the enjoyment of the hobby by improving operation, realism, communication, and aesthetic appeal.

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