BPDCC80 Gaugemaster DCC Autofrog

BPDCC80 Gaugemaster DCC Autofrog

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BPDCC80 Gaugemaster DCC Autofrog (Pack of 3 x DCC80).

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BPDCC80 Gaugemaster DCC Autofrog (Pack of 3 x DCC80).

The DCC80 Autofrog is a simple switch that automatically changes the frog polarity on your DCC layout.  In most situations, the use of electrofrog points is recommended on digital layouts to ensure reliability but this can make extra switching more complicated than it needs to be.  Allow us to introduce you to the Autofrog.  Wiring the DCC80 is simple.  There are three solder connections on the board, 2 connections labelled “R” – which you should connect to your rails or your bus and 1 connection labelled “F” which you connect to the frog input wire.

As there are so many variations of point/turnout, we recommend you follow your track manufacturer’s instructions.  For an example, in the instructions below have shown a typical set up where the frog is isolated by an optional track break – this avoids unwanted short circuits if you forget to throw the point.  With the frog powered by the DCC80, it can detect the incoming polarity of the wheels and switches the frog to match.

  • DCC Track Voltage: 12-20v
  • Frog Current: 2 Amp max
  • DCC80 Typical Current Consumption: 20mA


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